The Middle East is well known as a treasure trove of utterly irreplaceable relics of antiquity. Many of these, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, have been housed in the famous Jordan Archeological Museum.

Somewhere back in the 1980’s, a consortium of regional museums created a traveling tour of some of their most precious objects and it was shipped to the United States for stops in major cities.

The last stop on the tour was Atlanta. And at that point the crated artifacts were placed in a warehouse on hold awaiting further tour dates.

Nearly forgotten, the Support Jordan Fellowship Group went to their Atlanta warehouse to check up on their crates—only to discover that the place had a leak and the warehouse had been infiltrated with mold.

You could smell it when you walked in. It gave you an ill feeling.

This was a disaster!

Going outside for some fresh air, one well-known lady in the Group immediately called the museum, and then Googled mold remediation Atlanta.

She was happy to find Atlanta Mold & Cleaning (

Don’t Touch Those Crates!

 Atlanta Mold & Cleaning ( has a protocol for mold remediation Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia, and it starts with identifying and isolating the contamination.

Mold spores are tiny. At sizes of ten to thirty microns, they float through the air invisibly and can cause a host of problems.

The crates containing the artifacts were fairly well sealed and there was a chance the artifacts had so far been spared of contamination. Atlanta Mold & Cleaning used special techniques with air pressure to isolate the spores and immediately began to treat the active mold, killing it.

Then they began removing any and all objects that had been destroyed by the mold.

While the crates were obviously hit with the spores, the wood on the crates seemed fairly intact. Saving these precious museum relics was nevertheless going to be a tour-de-force for both Atlanta Mold & Cleaning and the Support Jordan Fellowship Group.

A Delicate Situation

After scientific sampling of the air in the warehouse indicated that the mold had been brought to bay, the business of dealing with the crates . . . crate-by-crate was at hand.

The experts from Atlanta Mold & Cleaning wrapped each crate with a plastic covering. They then introduced a gas to treat the outside of the crates.

After they were satisfied, two workers performed a vacuum scrubbing of the outer surfaces of the crates until they were sure no mold or spores were left. It was then time to open the crates and check for damage.

One by one, each crate was opened and examined. Much to the delight of the Support Jordan Fellowship Group, these ancient artifacts from the cradle of civilization were all still in great shape!

They were glad that when they had Googled mold remediation Atlanta they picked Atlanta Mold & Cleaning from the top of the list!